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Whenever avant-garde gun drilling machines, burnishing machines and other machinery are searched for, the range offered by Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd, always tops the results. We are Dezhou (Shandong) based professional manufacturer of the deep hole drilling machines, boring machines etc. and a vast series of accessories, for efficient and nonstop functioning of the machinery. Complete customization is also provided, to meet the specific demands of customers.

More About Gun Drilling Machine:- 

  • Defined by small diameters, Gun Drilling commonly covers a range of diameters between 1mm to 50mm / 0.04 -2.00 inches. 
  • High-pressure coolant is innovated through the tool center & spindle.
  • Chips are released along the V-shaped groove on external side of the tool body.
  • Specific forms can be object in the tool tip for the operations of form tool.
  • Solid carbide, Brazed shank and inserted tools are available.

Gun Drilling Machine Features:

  • It fits in working with big workpieces of molding drilling field as well as in column nc drilling.
  • Working table is ideal for even heavy weight as well as big mold size, and it is perfect for making the pin holes and cooling holes in the mold.
  • The spindle is stepless during the working of gun drilling, and it is very efficient machine to work on it. 
  • Perform on the same workpiece with various deep holes. It is useful to work on one workpiece as well as on many workpieces.
  • The nc design can keep the workpiece in full accuracy, also under no one's control.
  • Specially Designed to operating the gun drill.
  • Equipped with high pressure pump which deliver lubricant to rear of the drill.
  • Cnc gun drilling machines can be driven by spindle

Gun Drill Operating Parameter:-

  • Hole Depth > 40 diameter, Use shorter drill and longer drill combination
  • Use lubricants, water soluble coolant at 10-12% concentration. Avoid Synthetic Coolant
  • Never rotate gun drill outside the hole

Why Doing Business With Us is Better?

We have a foremost position in the machinery industry, for design, development, engineering and manufacture of gun drilling machines, etc. They cover 2.5mm to 120mm diameter range with drilling levels up to 2000mm.

Industries We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Mold Industry
  • Injection Mold
  • Steel Mfg.
  • Forging Industry
  • Tool & Die
  • Machine Build
  • Machine Repair
  • Copper
  • Medical Component
  • Oil Industry
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear Industry

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The drilling and boring machinery and accessories.

What We Offer?

What We Offer?

Our company specializes in manufacturing different.

Export Market

Export Market?

The company exports 30% of its total production.

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